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Welcome to the odyssey of Argonauta with the great company of Up Spirits.  Our trip got off to a great start with family and friends to see us off.  Of course the grandchildren on the Argonauta layed a tremendous guilt trip on the skipper as we were going through the CC canal, tears,big waves and why do you have to go.  Fellow Landfallers  made us feel much better as they greated us with horns, boats decorated with balloons and flags.  Thanks to all of you.  The weather was great through Long Island sound.  We met up with Up Spirits in Newport, Stonington and Port Jefferson.  I hope you enjoy the pictures which will be updated as we continue on our journey.  They certainly tell our story well.
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This photo was taken at Ellen and my favorite anchorage in the Sassafras River.  We grilled out and enjoyed the sunset.

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Would you believe this is Marion Harbor day 1.

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